Training 4.0

Mediterranean Lab 4.0 offers its customers expertise, tools, and proven methods to plan and implement human resources change and empowerment programs (managers, c-level, etc.), both digitally (synchronous and asynchronous) and in presence with funded courses and ad hoc events.

Industry 4.0, digital transformation, innovation management, cyber security and technologies such as blockchain, structured for customer companies meet ISO 9001 quality requirements.

Our goal is to make our Customers competitive on the international market.

Using our distinctive set of services and experienced Training and Coaching specialists, we focus on:

analysis of training needs

Company Assessment

measuring target &hard skills

Skills Assessment

provision of quality training programs

based on case histories, classroom interaction, team building, and individual coaching and mentoring programs especially on digital skills

Mediterranean Lab 4.0 to respond to the needs of change in the business and society world proposes the establishment of permanent innovation lab in the company (support networks) to foster processes of knowledge, training, contamination between the various production departments and interaction with innovation players outside the company on the theme industry 4.0 (cyber security, big data, A.I., 3D printing, interaction man machine).