Tecnologia Blockchain

Blockchain technology is a computerized system consisting of communication protocols, network infrastructure and DataBase, which allows to store any type of information in a decentralized, transparent, secure and immutable way, against any tampering or corruption over time.

Blockchain is considered today the most important technology that allows to “notarize” on the distributed ledgers the data and that allows the latter to be:

With coupling proof




Tamper-proof operation

International Players

Mediterranean Lab 4.0 has worked with international technology players in the sector and is also the holder of a patent for industrial invention, method that involves the use of Blockchain, integrated with A.I.

As an innovative start-up active in the development and implementation of distributed registry-based web applications (D-Apps), Mediterraneo Lab 4.0 has developed and launched two web applications, both registered at SIAE:


operational in the field of training and work.

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for the certification of examinations and verification of competence.

Other web solutions such as JOB NFT are being researched and developed and will be launched in 2024