Mediterraneo Lab 4.0 Srls is a strategic and management consulting company.

Born in 2017 from the professional experiences of its Founder, Giampiero Zito, matured with numerous clients (corporate, SME, PA), operating in the food, tourism, packaging, energy, security, oil sectors, education and professional training.
The CANVAS of Mediterraneo Lab 4.0 is at the base of this website. CANVAS visually represents the Company’s business model with our customers: strategy and planning of innovative projects!
The research, consultancy, development projects of companies / bodies and people relating to the clients of Mediterraneo Lab 4.0 are based on:

  • on their specific needs (tailor made)
  • on the characteristics of human resources present in the company  (human centered)
  • on the company’s long-term strategic objectives  (sustainability)

The objective of Mediterraneo Lab 4.0 is to encourage a high level of engagement with customers and stakeholders and to always pay particular attention to product, process, organizational and social innovation.

The company and other workplaces for us at Mediterraneo Lab 4.0 are not mere production units, but a community of people!


At Mediterraneo Lab 4.0 we are fanatical of the working team especially at a time when there is a need for high skills, versatility, contamination and integration!
Our company relies on the collaboration of qualified professionals, equipped with high technical skills and above all oriented towards an approach to teamwork.
The projects of Mediterraneo Lab 4.0 always include facilitators of change that will guarantee an effective result, but also empathy and involvement of all the project stakeholders.

What really counts for Mediterraneo Lab 4.0 is the people: their seriousness and competence!


The office, the seats, the marketing, the technological equipment of Mediterraneo Lab 4.0 are fundamental components, on which we have invested, with a view to reducing waste.
We use managerial models for the development and implementation of projects that foster creative thinking such as design thinking, lean start-up and visual tools such as the canvas model, the emphaty map, the value proposition design and more, to involve our customers in the work of corporate design.
Our company uses innovative tools for design such as the CANVAS MODEL for the strategy, the Emphaty Map for the analysis of the consumer / users, the Value Proposition design to offer “value”, after having measured it to our customers and to its stakeholders .