About us

Mediterranean Lab 4.0 Srl was founded as a strategic and management consulting company in 2017, and in 2019 became an innovative startup as a result of research and development on new technologies applied to the business model.

After filing a patent in 2020 (registered by the U.I.B.M. in 2022 with the number: 102020000007453) entitled “Integrated methods and technologies to track and certify the skills and smart working of workers and multiply welfare services in a sharing economy logic” from an invention of our CEO Giampiero Zito, he developed a Web3 Blockchain&A.I. based application, with trademarks registered in Europe and U.S.A.: “The ers Badge/Blockchain Credentials” and “JoB NFT”

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Our Skills

Digital Trasformation - 5 years
Training ICT - 4,5 years
Digitization of Business Processes - 4 years
Blockchain Solutions - 3,5 years
Data Management and Security - 2 years


Our Vision puts technologies at the service of the needs of the person (human-centered approach): the worker as an actor of Society 5.0!


1. Tailor made
Designed to fit your specific needs

2. Human centered

Planned action plans on human resources characteristics

3. Sustainability

Planned programs on the company's long-term strategic objectives