University Training Course “Blockchain for Professional and Business Services” (BPBS)

On February 10, 2021, the online Open Day will be held for the University Training Course “Blockchainfor Professional and Business Services” (BPBS), organized by the University of Naples “Parthenope” in collaboration with FIDDOC, MEDITERRANEO LAB 4.0 Srl and Sanngetall SA, is aimed at university students, freelance professionals, entrepreneurs and company managers and aims objective of…

After the Lockdown? The society of the future: 5.0!

This historical phase of profound political and socio-economic uncertainty calls for a broader reflection on Lockdown yes Lockdown no.
Just as it is the civic duty of professionals and businesses to contribute to the debate and propose solutions.Given that through the social partners and intermediate bodies we have already forwarded to the regional and national authorities a proposal on a model of society based on sustainable development but that we will not wait for anyone’s consent to start developing strategies, international partnerships and innovative solutions.