Giampiero Zito

Curious, visionary and strategy addict!
After Degree in International Management -Parthenope Naples University- and MBA in Cooperative Management at ROMA TRE University, has won a paid scholarship “R, SCHUMANN” at European Istitutions and worked at Salerno University and Consultant companies.
In 2010 he founded first professional company and after first strategic consultant company that it’s changing in 4.0 lab, here detailed.
Think Innovation is changing now, specific place, involving all the stakeholders!

Anna Milone

Dr. Anna Milone, enrolled in the Register of Psychologists and Psychotherapists of Campania, after having achieved specialization at the ASIC in Rome, boasts numerous training seminars and experiences in the field of occupational psychology, both in the business world of school, of healthcare: she promotes counseling as a methodology for finding solutions or managing conflicts, from work related stress to the promotion of wellbeing in workplace. She has been engaged for years in in volunteerism for Associations such as UILDM, TELETHON. She has numerous publications on the topics of both personal and work psychology!

Gabriele Piantadosi

Gabriele Piantadosi got his PhD in Information Technology and Electrical Engineering at the University of Naples Federico II, in Italy in 2017. Currently he is a post doc at the University of Naples Federico II. His research interests include pattern recognition, computer vision and deep learning; in particular he worked in the statistical processing of medical images and the treatment of biomedical signals. Dr. Piantadosi is a member of: Italian Association for Research in Computer Vision, Pattern recognition and machine learning (CVPL), Italian Group Researchers in Pattern Recognition (GRIPR), International Association of Pattern Recognition (IAPR) and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

Giancarlo Sperlì

Giancarlo Sperlì graduated cum laude in Computer Engineering and got a Ph.D. in Information Technology and Electrical Engineering both at the University of Naples “Federico II”. Now, he has the position of research fellow at the University of Naples “Federico II”. His research activity is mainly focused on the following topics: Big Data, Multimedia Social Network and Cyber ​​Security, Multimedia and knowledge representation and management.